Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hospital Photo Shoot Pictures are Here!

James' pictures arrived from the little hospital photo shoot and of course I have to share them with you this morning, while I rush to get the kid that really, really needs an OT eval ready for her OT eval.  Hope you enjoy his grumpy little expressions as much as I do!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

James Ignatius' Baptism

Today, at eight days old, James Ignatius was baptized.  I always feel so relieved once a baby has been baptized and today was no exception.  Actually to be honest I get more anxious to have each baby we've added to our family baptized as soon as possible... which means that while I was still in the hospital I was asking Paul to call our priest's secretary and make an appointment.  

We were also blessed to have amazing Godparents for this little guy.  Some of you may know Jacqueline from Journey Narrative (one of my favorite blogs!).  We first met Jacqueline and her husband Matt when we lived in Florida and while the hectic schedule of law school has meant that we haven't seen as much of them as we've wanted to since both of our families moved to the same area.  

They were the first people we thought of when we began talking about Godparents.  And it made my entire week when they accepted the responsibility of being James' Godparents (she's even more of a rock star because she had surgery this past week, got out of the hospital yesterday and was still here tonight with her beautiful family!)!

James was not the easiest going baby during his baptism.  In fact, he cried through almost the entire thing.  He paused twice in his wails, once when the water was poured over his head and then again when the chrism oil was applied to his head. Then he went back to letting everyone know that he had a healthy set of lungs and that he wanted to exercise them.

Patch was Patch.  Have I mentioned that he has a serious case of the "no, no, nos..." these days?  He does.  Which meant when the priest went through the baptismal vows he enthusiastically shouted his favorite word to every, single question.  As in "Do you promise to reject Satan..."


Mae. on the other hand, was so over the moon to actually be inside the main part of the church that she giggled through most of the baptism.  It definitely wasn't the quietest event ever held within those four walls.  Thankfully our priest is really great and started off by saying that they don't expect baptisms to be quiet!

And James' most definitely was not.

Now to share some of my favorite pictures from his big day!

Now to cuddle with my no-longer-pagan Snuggle Bunny!

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That (and a Baptismal Gown that Fits!)

Even with all the extra hands helping around here I'm still not quite getting the hang of taking it easy.  Although there has been lots of time to cuddle with this guy:

Yesterday started with a speech eval for Sadie which went well.  They found her use of language and comprehension was good, she just needs some practice with saying certain letter combinations and they want her to have a hearing testing (which I've wanted for a while but just haven't gotten around to scheduling with all the other appointments), which will be up next on my to do list for doctors-to-be-called this month.  

And she thought it was terrifically fun.

In the afternoon the whole family stopped by Daddy's work for pizza and then headed to the park where the sky was threatening to rain for the first fifteen minutes and then finally opened up and poured shortly after.  It still gave Patch time to drive the cars around and find all the little cars and trek all over the playground pulling them to one spot so they'd all be together.

James didn't even realize that we were out and about.

And as you may have guessed, Mae picked her own outfit.  Sofia and Dora for a winning combination.

After Sadie's ballet class it was home where I was finally brave enough to try on James' baptismal gown for his big day.  It was perfect.  Especially with the super soft hat that his biggest sister made for him:

Tonight is his baptism.  I can hardly wait!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

James' First Weekend...

Tomorrow I'm going to spend the day reminding myself to take things slow... to rest... to heal.

I'm not very good at doing those things... even after major abdominal surgery.  

There are just so many things that I want to be doing.  And there are so many fun activities this time of year that are so much easier to do with my parents visiting and so we've been spending a lot of time out of the house enjoying a beautiful Michigan autumn... my goal for tomorrow is not to go out looking for fun activities, even if I really, really want to in the morning when I have the whole days worth of energy still saved up and ready to spend.  

Still, this weekend was full of memories and I came away with quite a few pictures that I couldn't wait to share.  

So here is James' first weekend of life in pictures!

Patch is smitten with his baby brother.  He loves to lay next to him and pretend to be a kitten and meow at him.

James thinks it's all pretty silly.
James had his first doctors' appointment on Friday afternoon. He'd gained two ounces since the night before.

On Friday night Sadie had an AHG meeting.

It was pretty wonderful because it was the first meeting for a brand new troop started at a local Catholic Church.

We were both pretty thrilled when we heard about it!  And she had an awesome time!

On Saturday James and I accompanied Mae to her swim lesson class and got to see our little mermaid in action.

She had a great time!

After that we headed over to the draft horse show at State.  Mae spent the rest of the weekend perfecting her horse sounds.

James slept through everything.

Sadie was definitely a fan of the horses.

On Sunday we took the kids to Boo at the Zoo for a hayride and fun seeing the animals and all the other kids walking around in costume.

Our pumpkin was joined by a Ninja Turtle, a mermaid and a butterfly.

We got in a typical family picture (or six).

And Grumpa wrangled a fussy Patch who changed his mind about whether he'd rather be up or down every ten seconds.

The butterfly costume was definitely a hit.

Then finally it was home to rest...

Before Mass.  Around bed time Paul and I took James to his very first Mass.

As you can see he was very excited!

As with just about every activity this weekend he slept through the whole thing without making a peep!
And that was James' very first weekend in pictures!  A week ago tonight we were gearing up to go to the hospital!  Oh how the last seven days have flown by!

Friday, October 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes: James Ignatius Edition

I was sure that Sadie, Giver-of-Nicknames, would come up with something for James by the time we came home from the hospital.  Instead it was Patch who, upon seeing his little brother come through the door shouted, "James-y!" gleefully.  I'm not sure it will stick, but it's the first nickname he's been given so far.  With three older siblings I have a feeling it will likely be one of many.

"James kind of reminds me of that Grumpy cat in the memes..." is a phrase that has been heard frequently these past three days.  It's just something about the little look that his face almost always seems to have...


I'm curious to see how tonight will go.  The last three nights in the hospital were kind of a battle.  But probably not the kind you would think.  He seems to be following in Mae's footsteps by wanting to sleep at night... for hours and hours.  So as we'd near the four hour mark I would start trying to wake him up to nurse and he would snuggle up to me and close his eyes and refuse to drink a single drop and I would fret and try to get him to eat for hours and finally when morning arrived his little eyes would snap open and he would eat and eat and eat all day long, perfectly happy and then repeat the whole attempt at sleeping for six hours the next night, just to drive me to distraction since he's too little to go that long without a meal (as the pediatricians who dropped in reminded me).

Then again if he wants to do this whole "eat every six hours" thing in a month or so, I'll be totally on board with it.

We almost had to stay in the hospital another day since my lungs are still sounding crackly and horrible, even though I don't seem to be sick at all anymore.  That meant another trip of being refused the flu vaccine (and any other vaccines)... and going home with a giant bag of prescriptions.  Still, I'll take it because at least I'm home!

Paul and I have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what color hair he has.  The majority vote seems to be red.  It looked golden to me at first, but his doctors, nurses and Paul all seem pretty sure that it's actually a sort of strawberry blonde color. And after looking at more and more pictures I think they might be right...

This is slightly redder than it actually looks in real life.

By day three of his life on the outside he'd discovered his favorite place to nap.

And it wasn't with Mommy.

So... there might have been one thing tempting me to take up the offer to stay in the hospital one more day...  and it came in menu form:

Six pages of really, really wonderful, tasty choices.  With desserts twice a day...  I'm pretty sure this is my favorite hospital, ever.  Still, it's good to be home!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Meeting his Brother and Sisters...

If you're hanging around here the next few days you'll probably be subjected to a huge amount of baby pictures... because, let's face it, I'm pretty much running my camera battery into the ground every single day!  

Today James got to meet his brother and sisters... and he thought it was a little overwhelming.

But they could hardly wait to meet him.

In the morning we cuddled and snuggled and after refusing to nurse for most of the night he finally got on board with the idea when he woke up this morning.  He nursed like a champ yesterday, but at night he already seems more interested in sleeping than eating.  

He seems to be taking after Maggie with the whole sleeping long stretches while I fret that he needs to wake up and nurse.  But I've definitely begun to realize that when he wakes up and wants to nurse he does just that and when I wake him up and insist he eat he acts snuggles up to me and closes his eyes and mouth and refuses to open them.  

Dare I hope that the trend continue as it did with Patchy and Mae?  I'm almost afraid to imagine having three laid back, easy going babies in a row.  I guess time will tell.

Right now he's laying in his bassinet at the end of the bed watching me type, while he yawns and looks sleepy.

Not unlike his sleepiness during this moment earlier today.

Now for my favorite pictures of the day.  

He had quite a lot to say when he met his biggest big sister:

She was so good with him.  And he was so overwhelmed by all of his siblings in our little room at the same side.  She did get to cuddle him a bit though!

As you can probably imagine, she was pretty thrilled to meet him.

Maggie was pretty thrilled to find a flower in my room and a super comfy bed.  She immediately claimed the prime spot and wrapped herself in my blankets.

A first family picture?  Kind of!

And of course James got to meet Grumpa...

And Nani...

Maggie got a huge grin on her face the moment she spotted him.

But she wasn't quite sure she wanted to share the bed with him.  Even with Momma's help:

Patch was less sure.  He smiles when he hears the word brother, but when asked if he wanted to meet his brother he'd say "Okay.  Okay." and then head off in the opposite direction.  So I brought James down to his level and he couldn't resist:

After his sibling left with Nani and Grumpa, James went back to napping.

And on a totally random note, guess what they're filming this week a few miles from the hospital.

I actually snapped this when we were leaving the autism lab the other day because the museum of modern art is right next to the psych department and after wondering what they were doing to the building, Paul heard that they were filming part of the new Batman/Superman movie there.  And the news is reporting that that is exactly what's going on this week, so I guess it's true!

Here's the picture I snapped of the outside of the set as we were driving by!

Now to get a little bit more rest. For some reason I seem to be the one who's wide awake all night still while Paul and James both have no problem drifting off to dreams!